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2005 Bottle & Cork 10 Miler - Dewey Beach, DE

19 Rebel Runners shared a spacious beach house on a warm, sunny September weekend at Dewey Beach.

Heather and Barbara did a fabulous job spearheading the coordination of arrangements and provisions to make our stay enjoyable. Between running, biking, eating and drinking, everyone seemed to accomplish his or her goals. The beach was just a few steps away... Starboard was just down the street... and a refrigerator full of beer made the porch and big screen TV just as popular.

Bottle & Cork T-shirt
2005 Bottle & Cork T-shirt
Hydrate well and stretch after running!

Fair Weather at Dewey Beach!

Mama Maria's Restaurant Pasta dinner
Two tables full of hungry Rebels at Mama Maria's Italian Restaurant

Pasta dinner Foggy is in top form
Pre-race pasta dinner in Dewey Beach - - - - Foggy displays top form

Rock'em Sock'em robots! K-Drive and her escort
The main event: Rockyowitz vs. Patch - - - - Returning from the other main event.

Pre-race photo op Post-race party
Tuckin, Bibowitz, Sit-down, Falconi - - - - Fair Weather, Patch & Delaware Dave

Party Time!   Post-race party started at 10am

Tuckin & Sit Down
Don't mess with these guys! - - - - Our gang at the Bottle & Cork

Celebration K-Drive and her parents
Rebels relax after the race - - - - K-Drive celebrates victory with her parents

One-legged DarPod & Lori Loco, Johnny Coco Tuckin?
The General & Loco provided superb race support - - - - Untucked and lovin' it!

St. Louis Street The porch
Lounging on the 2nd floor deck - note "Das Boot"

Dewey Beach Studs
Rebels take the beach - - - - The boys

Smarties & Megaphone Tuckin, Don, Fair Weather
Grottos Pizza: Smarties & Megaphone - - - - Tuckin, Don, Fair Weather

Saturday night at the beach house

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Weekend highlights:
  • K-Drive was victorious in her division
  • Mike K. took his division as well!
  • 'Invisible' Mike was plainly visible for much of the weekend
  • 4 Rebels decided that a 10 mile warm-up would be appropriate for the 10 mile race
  • Megaphone waited too long to start a Tsunami Watch
  • There were several sightings of the rare "One-legged DarPod", often in the animated state.
  • The 2nd floor deck was the most popular spot in the house.

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