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2005 Twin Cities Marathon: The 26.2 Mile Race

Heat and humidity took their toll on all participants.

The General and her staff of supporters kept tabs on our contingent by biking to several locations along the course. Their encouragement was huge! Our 3 "Marathon Virgins" all finished. Not surprisingly, they had smiles on their faces.

TCM course map
Twin Cities Marathon course map
Always run facing road traffic!

Rebels hang tough in humid marathon

Sunday, the day of reckoning. After months of hard training, race day is here. While the Rebel Runners made their way to the starting line, the Rebel Riders took to our bikes. At the summit meeting the night before, we established our flight plan with the help of a few natives- Sarah, Michael, and Ginny. Armed with a few maps and rations, we pedaled our way to the first rendezvous point- mile 7. It was crowded, but, with our tall, striped UD hats, we were easy to spot. Unfortunately, that was the only easy thing for the runners this day. At 7, everyone was on pace, if not faster, except for Herko. By the time she got to us, she was feverish. She bravely fought her way to the MASH unit at mile 9 and moved to a safe house protected from the battle.

6:30am - assemble in hotel lobby 2005 TCM logo
6:30am - Assemble in hotel lobby for walk to Metrodome

2005 TCM
Team photo in Crowne Plaza lobby - by Johnny Coco (click to enlarge)

2005 TCM 2005 TCM 2005 TCM

After the Virgins (a smaller branch of the platoon who were battling for the first time) passed us, the support unit continued on to our next position, mile 16, where things were very different. The heat and humidity had not subsided this morning, making the conditions extremely difficult. By this time, everyone was off-pace, except Tuck-in who must be made of asbestos. Our high-fives and energizing fluids could not save the squad.

Tuckin at 2005 TCM Invisible Mike appears Sit Down works it TonyBBQ heats up
Tuckin . . . . . Invisible Mike . . . . . Sit Down . . . . . TonyBBQ

Vehemently, we pushed our way to our final stronghold- mile 22. We cheered, we encouraged, we did all that we could to help everyone through the final stages of their journeys. Even the first-timers were smiling as they passed us- first Beaches, then Linda Loco, then Mystify. It was an awesome sight. The platoon seemed happy to see us, but the battle was tiring. After they passed, we made our way to the final recon area- the “R” for Rebel Runners/Riders. It was there we collected the wounded and made our way home.

2005 TCM 2005 TCM 2005 TCM
Falcon has the eye of the tiger || TonyBBQ kicks it in ||The General and her Support Staff 2005 TCM 2005 TCM
2005 TCM 2005 TCM 2005 TCM Tuckin at 2005 TCM
Rebel Support Rebel Support
2005 TCM 2005 TCM

Everyone said that the course was beautiful, unfortunately, the weather was not. The Rebels were not the only ones affected- over 2000 runners (out of 10000) did not finish- that is a huge percentage. The next day the local paper called the marathon the “Battle of Attrition”. Those who finished should be proud of themselves for persevering through extreme conditions. Herko should wear the pink shirt proudly- she did the smart thing for pulling out. As for me, I DNF’d my marathon. I only got to mile 9. So, Herko, I will need the pink shirt after you!
- - - - - - - story by General Bootsie DiNatto

St. Paul's Cathedral Tuckin finishes Sit Down nears the end
Still tucked-in passing St. Paul's || The finish || All downhill from here

2005 TCM finish Proud 2005 TCM finisher

TCM p.1: The Trip || TCM p.3: Aftermath

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