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2005 Twin Cities Marathon: After the race

All of the warriors gathered at the finish. We were weary. We were battered. We were happy to still be standing!

It didn't take long to find out that the humidity had taken it's toll on the entire field. Herko rode "the bus" with several of the elite runners.

Out of 10,000, almost 2,000 of the starters never finished. Our support staff watched runners struggle all along the course. Now it was time to lick our wounds and rest our legs.

TCM start
Twin Cities Marathon start
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Rest and Rejoice: We all survived

TuckIn after finish in St. Paul Invisible Mike, Lori Loco... and Falcon (left to right)
Falcon and Susie wear their Finisher shirts The General greets her troops after the finish Phone call from the President?
Falcon & Susie at the finish || "General Bootsie DiNatto of the Rebel Runners of DE"

2005 TCM 2005 TCM
Riding Hiawatha line to the airport Light Rail ticket Barbara, Bootsie, BBQ enroute to airport
Riding Hiawatha light rail line back to the airport on Monday morning.

Official 'Rebel Airlines' pretzels 2005 TCM finisher shirt 2005 TCM
Glory for a first timer! Plane ticket - with official security stamp

TCM p.1: The Trip || TCM p.3: The Race

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