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2006 Bottle & Cork 10 Miler - Dewey Beach, DE

For the 3rd consecutive year, the Rebels stormed Dewey Beach, DE for the Bottle & Cork 10 miler on the weekend following Labor Day.

The weather was spectacular, we enjoyed the same great house as last year, and once again, Fair Weather and Herko coordinated everything nicely.

It was a relaxing weekend of running, eating, drinking, and watching football. New this year was Sit Down's nighttime fire on the beach under a large moon and plenty of stars.

Bottle & Cork T-shirt
2006 Bottle & Cork T-shirt
Hydrate well and stretch after running!

Dewey Beach Welcomes Runners!

pasta dinner pasta dinner
Friday night pasta dinner

beach house rebel runners
Rebels relax

pretzels race morning
Race morning

photo: W. Kursh photo: W. Kursh photo: W. Kursh
Photos courtesy of Wayne Kursh -

photo: W. Kursh photo: W. Kursh
Olab, Paul S., K-Drive, Tattoo-owitz (too many o's in that one)     Photos courtesy of Wayne Kursh

Bottle & Cork party - photo: W. Kursh
Bottle & Cork post-race party     Photo courtesy of Wayne Kursh -

Bottle & Cork - photo: W. Kursh rebels rest
Bottle & Cork, then rest to build energy for the afternoon and evening!

Weekend highlights:
  • K-Drive and Coco scored beer mugs for placing
  • Beach House was maxed out again with 18 of us
  • The General's blueberry coffee
  • The Rebel banner was proudly displayed on the 2nd floor balcony

Start, improve or join a running club!

Pre-weekend email exchange during room assignment:

From: Olab - Thursday, August 31, 2006
I've slept in a moving tank before, so whatever bed is leftover will be fine for me. Let me know what I should plan on bringing for dinner. Thanks for setting all this up......wps

From: Tuckin
I've slept in a bunk next to the engine room of an ocean-going tug caught in a hurricane off Cape Hatteras. Leftovers, bunkbeds, twins are fine with me too.

Bubbles adds:
Well, I'm glad that's settled. Wes is sleeping in a tank on the front lawn and Tuckin is sleeping in a bunk next to the engine room of an ocean-going tug caught in a hurricane out back!!

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