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2007 Chicago Marathon

Olab, Loco, BBQ, Smarty, Nessie and Andrea are warriors! Temperature hit 90 degrees!

Olab led the way and Loco, BBQ, Smarty, Nessie, and Andrea all finished one of the most chaotic marathons in recent history.

In hot, humid conditions, nearly 10,000 runners decided against running, and another 10,000 did not finish due to closing of the course due to heat and lack of water. But every Rebel finished!

Chicago --- Nessie photo
Nessie, Andrea, Loco
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Rebels Survive 26.2 Miles of Chicago Heat

Chicago Marathon

Newspaper Article
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Andrea writes:

It really made a difference for me to be with the group out in Chicago. I was set on my goal to qualify for Boston in this race-- more than you know! I sacrificed a lot of things I normally wouldn't have and felt great through all the training. At dinner Saturday night, everyone was talking about just having fun and not worrying about goals. Tony saw the look of disapointment on my face and said "well then you should still try!" And I kept his words with me the whole time.

I was actually on pace from mile 5 to 20! And when I caught up to the pace group at the half way point, I knew I was ahead because they started in the coral way before me. Then the heat really took it's toll and if I were to stay upright I knew walking through the water stops was necessary. I was shocked when I crossed the finish line with my 3:59--woohoo!! I did need the help of an aide, though until he passed me off to Lori.

I have to agree with Claire at how awesome it was to be a part of a marathon with such great support, and more so with you guys!

Now that a few days has passed, I'm starting to feel like I don't want to waste all that training. How long do we wait to recover and do well at an upcoming race? Who's up for Philly? :)

Chicago Marathon --- Nessie photo

Chicago Marathon --- Nessie photo

Nessie writes:

Hi Everyone,
I thought you might like to hear a Rebel Runners' perspective of the infamous Chicago 2007 marathon! I have had so many friends and family ask if I am OK, so I felt compelled to tell you my experience.

Boy, what a day it was. The most important thing for everyone to know is that all of the Rebel Runners finished and are safe and healthy, with the exception of some sore legs, of course! But seriously, the fact that we are all OK, is huge, and kudos to all of us for sticking it out and being sensible with our paces.

In the beginning, it was 74 degrees and 90% humidity. What fun. But everyone was in good spirits at the beginning of the race. The spectators were great - so many of them and so loud!! The best were the transvestite chearleaders!! The majority of us Rebels stuck to our planned pace for the first half and then realized that was not sensible. Temps climbed, and a clock/temperature sign outside a bank we passed at 11.15am said 91 degrees. It was pretty crazy. I did not see anyone go down, but I stopped to help one guy who was cramping badly at mile 23, and he was also not very "with it". I hope he was OK. The volunteers were awesome I thought, with many of them providing unofficial water stops, and turning on hoses and even having spray bottles to mist our faces. There was still enough water and Gatorade at the stops when I ran past but they looked as if they could run short. I cannot tell you how much water I was throwing on myself to keep cool - it was insane. This was the first race I have been in where absolutely EVERYONE was walking through the water stops.

At the end, all of us were a little disappointed with our times (except for Andrea with her PR - you go girl!!!), but the disappointment soon turned into huge relief when we realized that so many other runners had required medical aid, and around 11,000 did not finish, either by dropping out or by being redirected off the course.

So, that was quite an experience, and one I do not wish to repeat, and I feel very bad for those who were seriously hurt from heat stroke/heat exhaustion, and dehydration. But, as always, I still had fun on the Rebel Trip to Chicago and am proud to be part of a group of runners who are physically and mentally very strong.

And of course, now we all want redemption....discussions have been ongoing as to our next marathon in the near future!
See you all soon, Claire

Chicago Marathon - Johnny Coco photo   Chicago Marathon - Johnny Coco photo   Chicago Marathon - Johnny Coco photo
These photos by Johnny Coco

Chicago Marathon - Johnny Coco photo   Chicago Marathon - Johnny Coco photo

Chicago Marathon - Johnny Coco photo   Chicago Marathon - Johnny Coco photo   Chicago Marathon - Johnny Coco photo

Chicago Marathon - Johnny Coco photo   Chicago Marathon - Johnny Coco photo

Chicago Marathon - Nessie photo

Chicago Marathon - Nessie photo

Chicago Marathon - Nessie photo

Chicago Marathon - Nessie photo

Chicago Marathon

Chicago Marathon

Chicago Marathon

Chicago Marathon

Chicago Marathon - Johnny Coco photo

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