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2007 Rock'n'Roll Half Marathon - Virginia Beach

Rebels took a weekend drive to Virginia to enjoy running, music, beer and the beach at this popular event.

Sit-Down, Screech, Megaphone and Tuckin represented the Rebels. Besides the race, headliner concerts included the Steve Miller Band on Saturday and INXS on Sunday.

Rock'n'Roll Half Marathon
2007 RNR Half Marathon - official photo
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Plenty of sun, running, and concerts

Rock'n'Roll Half Marathon logo

Controversial Race Results!
From emails circulated upon publication of race times:

-------------- Original message --------------
Subject: RE: Rebel Runner's leave their mark in Virginia!!! From: "jack"
FOUL!!!! Instant Replay shows a last minute chip switcherooo between the Szymanski's!!! I demand a inquiry!! I demand a refund!!
Race Officialowitz

--- wrote:
I smelled something foul!! This is scandilous,,,demand blood test, urin. Test of A and B samples!!! Call the US Doping agency!!! This will not be tollerated with-in the ranks. Suspenions are in order!
*Maybe life-time bans.*
Special Agent

From: Daniel W
You know, come to think of it, I didn't see Szymanski at the start even though we were supposedly in the same corral. (There were 24 corrals). I did, however, see him in the finisher's chute. He said he had just done another TV interview. I guess Va Beach had heard of him from the Barcelona and Chicago papparazzi. There is ALWAYS a story with Szymanski.
Iced out, bum ankled and shin splinted Dan

There's been something switched between the Szymanskis but I don't think it's a chip!! Must be all that newlywed crosstraining stuff... Way to Go TRICIA!!!!!!!!! AWESOME Girl!!!!!! Hills are our friends...hills are our friends.... hills are our friends........

Rumors are flying, accusations,Finger pointing, I am here to defend my reputation. "I DID NOT HAVE SEXUAL RELATIONS"- Sorry wrong accusation. Where was I? Oh yea! The chip incident. Talked to an old friend from legal aid "Lawyerowitz ESQ.",he suggested I make a brief statement.

On the night before the marathon, as i prepared to turn in for the night, I was struck in the head with a blunt object. As i awoke the next morning @ around 5:30 am, it was time for the race. I had no time to investigate, so I put my shoes on, with chip inserted the night before and out the door i went. Apparently "SHE" wanted - I mean the "PERP "wanted race fans around the world to think "HARD WORK PAYS OFF"... All the "PERP" had to do was go two doors down(#330) and MR. positive would have straiten "HER"- I mean the "PERP" right out." HARD WORKS DOES NOT PAY OFF" !!!!! Just steal a chip!!!!!

If any one is suspicious of a runners 1/2 marathon time , please contact the Virginia State Police @ 1-800- Skreech
Yours Truly,

Virginia Beach - official photo

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Virginia Beach 07 Virginia Beach 07

Virginia Beach 07 Virginia Beach 07

Virginia Beach 07 Virginia Beach 07

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