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2008 Boilermaker 15k Post-Race Party

Sunday, July 13, 2008 - Utica, New York

Legendary after-race party at F.X. Matt Brewery, home of Saranac Beer, featuring music by Nik & The Nice Guys.

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Rebel Runners of Delaware
Rebel Runners gather after race.   [click photo to enlarge]

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Rebel Drinkers Enjoy Post Race Party

Photos courtesy of Cutter

Loco, Coco    Megaphone
Coco & Loco on the 'grassy knoll' - - - Megaphone stands out in his neon shirt

Tex    Cutter
Tex: "Where's my beer?" - - - Cutter: "Where's my cigar?"

Tuckin    TV crew
Tuckin proudly wears official Rebel shirt - - - TV crew stays on top of the situation

Matt's can    Cutter
Matt's beer can finished the race - - - Cutter finished her bagel and beer

Bill Rodgers    Bill Rodgers
Bill Rodgers approves of Tex - - - Bill signs Barbara's bib

Bill Rodgers    Bill Rodgers
Bill & Megaphone approve of the party - - - Bill Rodgers discusses racing strategy with Tuckin

Cutter, Coco    Boilermaker party
Cutter & Coco take it all in as the band plays on!

Nik & The Nice Guys    Nik & The Nice Guys
As the band plays, Tex & Loco join in

Nik & The Nice Guys    Nik & The Nice Guys
Nik & The Nice Guys band

Nik & The Nice Guys    Nik & The Nice Guys
Boilermaker Post Race Party

Lee & Theresa visit the "Grassy Knoll"

Photos courtesy of Lee K.

Theresa & Lee    Lead singer Nik rocks
Theresa & Lee - - - Lead singer of Nik & The Nice Guys band

Race party    Theresa
Race party at FX Matt Brewery - - - Theresa enjoys party

Tuckin    Megaphone
Tuckin & Megaphone enjoy music and beer

TV on roof    Lead singer Nik rocks
TV crew on the roof - - - Loco & Theresa discuss party strategy

TV on roof    Loco, Tex
TV crew interviews Barbara & Tony BBQ - - - Loco, Tex

Boilermaker official race party photo

Official race photo

Bill Rodgers Boston Marathon Finish poster

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Theresa, Loco & Cutter

Photo by Lee

photo by Lee

Saranac beer

Boilermaker Party rocked!

Saranac beer + Nik & The Nice Guys

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Beer glass

Nik and The Nice Guys band
Nik & The Nice Guys perform at party

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