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2008 Delaware Marathon:  Don't Mess with Tex

Tex took 6th place overall and was the 1st Delaware finisher in an awesome marathon debut.

As his family and Rebel Runners cheered him on, Tex ran 26.2 miles in just 2:50!

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Tex Lights Up The Course
Shingles Cuts The Course

Tex crosses finish line triumphantly
Tex crosses finish line at 2008 DE Marathon

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Rebels Proud of Texas Star

Race report from Tex:

I was amazed at how relaxed I was in the days before the race and the morning of! I kept thinking that I needed to be nervous, especially because everyone kept asking me if i was! I wasn't because I had no idea what to expect, so I had nothing to worry about! I was going to finish the thing and PR regardless since it was my first!

I did not expect to do as well as I did though! I felt I had earned my spot on the starting line and to head out with the leaders (see pic in New Journal- which my rents got a copy of before they left). Wes had told me I would be racing the marathon, but I didn't really think I would- until the race started!

I ran the first 3 loops with Bob but on the third he started to drop pace, and I felt good so i left. I passed two other marathoners after that. It was great to see everyone out there running on the rebel relay teams, and Ray and Dean at the water stop!

I thought of this marathon in 4 pieces, the 4 loops. It was very motivating to think of the HUGE crowd back at the start/finish area that would be screaming once I ran back there. So every loop i just thought "get back to the group." I was so glad that my parents and sisters got to see me so many times, and that you all were such gracious hosts to them! They really did have a great time watching the race and meeting all of you! Thanks for giving me that extra push my last time by you all on my way to the finish!

It was unbelievable crossing the finish! those of you who have run marathons know that. Some woman in the shoot told me I was 2nd and I looked at her with confusion and said "second?" as I held out what looked like a peace sign! My sister got a great pic of it! As I was swamped with hugs from friends and family I couldn't contain the joy! I think John got some good pics of those moments as well.

Since I qualified for Boston I will most certainly be running more marathons! I have so many people that helped me even get to this one! Thank you to all of the rebels, and pike creekers, who at some point or another in the 4 months gave me pointers, or tips, or "don't do this cause when I did it went badly". Every comment helped!

Dan, the GU helped a lot, and you got me started on that! thanks for speaking on my behalf to get me in the race! ha!
Lori, two 20's were definitely needed! and thanks as well for helping to get me in the race!
Ray, I will always remember our first run together in the rain- it all started there!
Rich, My adopted Delawarean father (ha!) you have helped so much, race fees, food, a home! thank you!
Trish, your advice (on all topics) is priceless!
Dar, the only one to use my last name- took me back to my college running days! thanks!
Kelly, Again- priceless advice from a seasoned vet. thanks for showing me the hill run- i will get back on it soon!
Jack, thanks for getting us up to philly last weekend, the relaxed day really helped me to feel ready to go this weekend, your humor is also appreciated!
Mike, my consistent running partner! thanks for all of the laps in Delcastle, and the beer at Glins
Josh, thanks for running with me- even though I'm slower than you! our runs have brought back the "team" aspect of running and I love it!
Wes, Thanks for running with me in philly! that last 10 miler was as important as my 20's! thanks for the chat during it as well
Shannon, your jokes and good humor, and all of your emails provide the group, and me, with boosts when we need them! thanks!
Rach, I'm so proud of your first 5K on Saturday and your training for your marathon in October- savor the runs and the months cause they fly by before you know it you will be writing this your self!
Charlie, thanks for your kind words of encouragement before the race, and your kind words of congratulations after.
Jim, Way to tell me that I could go out in 1:27 and not die!! I might have played it more conservatively and not broken 3 if not for you!
Claire- if not for you, my 40 closest friends would not have been there to cheer me on! ha! I know that you didn't work that hard to get me a cheering section, but all of them helped! Thanks for organizing everything! You rock!

I know I have left people off the list... I apologize profusely! Everyone I have talked to has helped just by telling me i could do it, and that I would do great! You were right!
Ok enough of that for now, If you are still reading you are awesome! ha! take care, see you Wednesday or Thursday!

  Rebel photo by Jim/Johnny Coco

Rebel photo by Jim/Johnny Coco

Rebel photo by Jim/Johnny Coco

Rebel photo by Jim/Johnny Coco

Rebel photo by Jim/Johnny Coco

Rebel photo by Jim/Johnny Coco

Photos by Jim & Johnny Coco:

Rebel photo by Jim/Johnny Coco

Rebel photo by Jim/Johnny Coco

Rebel photo by Jim/Johnny Coco   Rebel photo by Jim/Johnny Coco

10 Rebel Teams
Tex Lights Up The Course
Shingles Cuts The Course

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