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2008 Rehoboth Beach Running Company Seashore Marathon

3 Rebels ran 26.2 miles at the Delaware shore on a cold, windy morning. 7am November 22.

Highlights included Pokey's 2nd place overall finish, Sit Down's surprise marathon and Loco's age group win.

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Finish line
Pokey finishes Rehoboth Beach Marathon
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Pokey Runs Strong in Challenging Conditions

Pokey's race morning recap:

Being the skeptic, I'm always looking at what's going to be causing a complication in achieving my goals. The forecast for the Rehoboth Marathon (RM) indicated that the weather would be my roadblock to a good marathon performance. The forecast for raceday indicated a high of 39 degrees with winds from 20 to 30 mph. The temperature at the start would be in the mid 20's.

Lori, John, my highschool friend Spencer and I arrived in Rehoboth and met up with Rich, and his bed buddy, Shaggy. It snowed on and off during packet pick-up and at dinner.

Lori, John, Spencer and I went back to the trailer home we borrowed for the night to find that only half the house had heat - at least for most of the night. In the morning, it was warm in the house, but noticed a light covering of snow on the grass. It was in the mid 20's with a strong wind.

We met up at the marathon start after a quick breakfast at the house and prepared to run. Most of us had hats, gloves, tights, and other "throw away" items on. Most of us kept our "throw aways" for the entire race. We would shortly discover that the boardwalk, and some of the bridges still had snow on them. Also, there were areas of black ice to be aware of.

Photos collected by Pokey:
Rebel Runners
Pokey and Spencer can run

Rebel Runners
Marathon finish line

Rebel Runners
Pokey accepts award


Rebel Chip Times:
Pokey - 2:43:50 2nd overall
Sit Down - 3:43:52 16th in age group
Loco - 4:00:36 1st in age group

Onto the race:
The race started and Mike Monagle from the Delaware Running Company took off, as he was in the marathon relay. Spencer, who was "hired" as my pacer, kept my pace in check so I didn't go out too fast. Within a couple miles, we were alone in first and second place! Where'd everyone go...?

Spencer and I ran together and I felt great. He had to keep telling me to slow down and relax. Even with his words, we were running 6:10 min. per mile, instead of 6:20. After about 8 miles, we were caught by another marathoner, who had worked hard to get to us. Spencer asked if we should stay with him, and I told him to just keep the pace we were running. "Don't worry about him, let's just run our race."

The new runner got ahead, but never got too far away.

After entering Cape Henlopen I started to feel the cold and wind affect my legs. Spencer offered to block the wind for me, and I accepted. After 15 miles, I was starting to labor through the undulating and twisting trails. After leaving the park, the 3 miles along the open road was straight into the wind. Even Spencer couldn't help me. I dropped off the back and Spencer and our new challenger left me - at least for a bit.

After getting back into some protection from the wind around mile 18, Spencer waved for me to get back up with him. After several surges I caught back up, but was hurting real bad. Holding a 6:15 pace for much longer seemed impossible. I grudginly waved for Spencer to take off around mile 19 and leave me to deal with my pain, alone. The new challenger did not react to his surge and Spencer left us so he could win the race.

At mile 20, I started to feel a little stronger and decided to try to stay with our challenger. However, everytime I tried to run next to him, he would surge. I could not react to his surges and resigned to sit right behind him and use him as a pacer.

At mile 22, Tom Jermyn almost literally popped out of the woods and greeted me. He promised to run with me for the last few miles and he didn't let me down. He started running with me and encouraging me. He probably saw my fatigued look and my poor form (legs akimbo and head hanging to the side). I managed to pass my challenger and he didn't react. Tom and I ran together and gapped the other runner. Several times, I asked Tom, "How... far... back.. is...he?". Tom would look back and tell me. Each time, he was farther back.

Tom also acted as cruise director. He told where I had to turn and what to aim for. In addition, he gave me the pace I needed.

With a quarter mile to go, he yelled at me to give everything I had. In my head, I said, " I ALREADY AM!!". I took off down the boardwalk towards the finish and tried to sprint. However, my legs quickly cramped and couldn't go any faster than my present pace. I came into the finish and collapsed against one of the officials - me legs actively trying to cramp.

I knew I had just achieved a new personal record. Regardless of the event, breaking a PR is emotional, and this was no exception. I hugged Spencer, who had finished 3 minutes ahead of me and thanked him and Tom for their help. My achievement would not have been possible without them. Johnny Coco and Shaggy were also a big help in handing me food and taking the clothes I didn't need.

I finished 2nd overall with a time of 2 hrs, 43 min. and 50 seconds - a personal record by 4+ minutes.

Congrats to the Philly marathoners. It was fun being a spectator for once. It brings a new perspective to racing.
See you guys out on the roads.... or at the bar.
--- Andy

Photos by Shaggy (who ran a 26.2 PR the next morning in Philly):
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