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Crabowitz 5K - A Hate Run!

Sit Down & Screech graciously invited 40 runners to their place for a 5K race "in honor of" Jack.

The Thursday evening run was followed by all-you-can-eat crabs and pizza, piled high on the long table stretching the length of their driveway.

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Dr. Crabowitz
Our guest of honor - Dr. Crabowitz himself!
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Challenging course featured turn-arounds and shortcuts

Invitation on PCVRC Website

Rich's explanation:

The contents in this message are not to be taken seriously! For some reason you do not understand this is only in fun, please see DR. Dan for referrals.

Tricia and I are having our second annual crab feast with a little twist. This year we will be adding a 5k hate run. That’s right! A hate run! It will be named after Philadelphia sports fans most hated person - Jack Horowitz. The “I hate Jack 5k” will be combined with the crab feast and will be known as the “Crabowitz 5k”.

Jack has insulted all Philadelphia sports teams for years and we are not going to take it any more. So all you closet haters come on out and show your true colors by booooing him into submission. This will be the perfect day of the year to let loose on all life’s frustrations by boooing the heck out of Jack.

If by chance you are a Mets fan (Ray) or fan of any other team, please wear something, (hat,shirt,shock) that will identify you as a traitor and we will save some hate for you as well.

"My name is Jack Horowitz and I approve this message."

Date: June 17th

Time: 6:00 p.m.

Where: ******** Road, Wilmington 19808

What: 5K run followed by Crabs & Pizza!

RSVP: We need a head count so please let us know if you can join us! AND let us know if you will eat crabs or pizza (or both) so we can be sure and have enough!

Please bring your alcoholic beverage of choice; We will provide soda and water.

Great weather, great friends

It was a wonderful event, with the start/finish area just 5 steps from the end of the dinner table. Naturally, Jack was late, so he got to make a grand entrance as the crowd started getting unruly.

Apparently, the neighbors had been warned and had barricaded themselves in their homes as runners filled the streets on the way to the trail. It was a spectacular course if you like hills. The out-and-back sections allowed exchanges of pleasantries between runners. It's unknown how many of us took advantage of the marked shortcut or decided to shorten the course here or there. But is is known that we didn't lose anyone in the woods and everyone looked forward to the feast after the race.

The table had already been "set" with piles of crabs and as the evening progressed, Rich kept removing scraps and replacing them with more crabs. Pizza and beer filled out the menu (and our stomachs). Some of us remained there until after sunset.

Again, a super-sized Thank You to Rich & Trish!

Crabowitz 5K feast
Sit Down mans the finish line

Crabowitz 5K feast

Crabowitz 5K feast

Crabowitz 5K feast

Crabowitz 5K feast

Crabowitz 5K feast

Crabowitz 5K feast

Crabowitz 5K feast

Crabowitz 5K feast

Crabowitz 5K feast

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