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We enjoy socializing. We enjoy eating & drinking, especially after a workout.

If you burn lots of calories, you need to replenish them. That's one of the advantages of running regularly! Photos on this page are a sampling of our regular Thursday evening post-run dinners. We visit various restaurants, from Wilmington to Newark.

Run for fun.

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Hotel room party in Paris, April 2004
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Eat, Drink and Be Merry

After running 2-4 laps at Delcastle [1.75 mile loops], we head to a local restaurant to eat, drink, plan long runs and discuss the latest injuries. Race plans are discussed, from weekly 5K's to upcoming marathons. Some of our favorite Pike Creek area places are Cafe Napoli, Joe's "the unchain restaurant" (RIP), Tyler Fitzgerald's, McGlynn's, and Border Cafe (aka EAT). But we're always ready to sample other locations.

Border Cafe 1/05: Nina, Rebmaster, Smarty Border Cafe 1/05 Border Cafe 1/05 Border Cafe 1/05

Border Cafe 1/05: Megaphone, Jack McGlynn's Pub 1/05 McGlynn's Pub 1/05: Lori Loco & the General McGlynn's Pub 1/05 McGlynn's Pub 1/05

Cafe Napoli 4/06 Cafe Napoli 4/06 Cafe Napoli 4/06 Cafe Napoli 4/06 Cafe Napoli 4/06 Cafe Napoli 4/06 Megaphone gives inspirational speech 4/06

Megaphone's inspirational speech and Olab's cake were highlights of our 2006 New Jersey Marathon send-off dinner. We wished several Rebels a strong run for their 4/30/06 race. Send-off dinners are traditionally held at Cafe Napoli, due to the good food and large pasta portions.

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