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Rebels at 2006 DE Marathon Relays
2006 Delaware Marathon Relays
     - by Smarty & Sharon Smarty

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Tony BBQ

In the spring of 2003 I decided to run the Philadelphia marathon. I trained for several months and finished the race in 4:35:43. It was my first marathon and I was content just to have finished but also had hoped to do better. In the spring of 2004 I started running with the Rebel Runners and in the fall I returned to Philadelphia for my second marathon. I finished in 3:42:17.

My favorite race is the Northeast Roadrunners 25k in Philadelphia. In 2004 I ran it in 1:52:12 finishing 22 place overall with a 7:15 mile pace.



What I like about the Rebels is that we're mostly a social group that just likes to run. No pressure to run fast - just a lot of support for meeting whatever goals you have, from a couple of laps around Delcastle to 5K's to BQ'ing to ultras or triathlons. 2007 was a rough year for me personally but the friendship found through the Rebels helped me get through it.

Started running semi-seriously in spring 2005. Used to run in high school way back when. Philly 2005 was 1st marathon. PHUNT 2006 was first 50K. Started running with Rebels off/on in 2006 starting with 2006 Del Marathon Rebel relay team. Ran 2nd Ceasar Rodney in 2007 (1st was in 1982, 25 years apart - so next one will be 2032.)

Favorite runs have been Boilermaker 15K - Rebel road trip to Utica - more crowd support, beer, music & beer than you could ever want. Dewey Bottle & Cork 10 miler is another Rebel road trip you gotta do. Escarpment 30K in Catskills was the hardest most challenging run I've done - was harder than JFK 50 miler. Conestoga 10 miler in PA is a light version of Escarpment. 50K's include HAT, Finger Lakes & Blues Cruise. My first 2 marathons (Philly & Delaware) had exact same gun times: 3:59:58.

Another running highlight was - along with Smarty - pacing a Blue Planet around the world relay runner for 10 miles as they passed through Delaware on Labor Day weekend. At 4:30 a.m. I ran with Mary Chervenak from the U.S. & Smarty ran with Emmanuel Kibet from Kenya.

Goals - I don't have no stinking goals - but what I might try to work on range from BQ'ing (need a 3:30), getting down to a 21:00 5K, taking on an olympic tri, and completing a 100 miler and living to tell about it. On On!


Tuckin     Started running in 2002

As of 1999, I had never run more than 3 miles. But the park near my house is great, so I considered getting more serious...   In April, 2002, my father had shoulder surgery due to arthritis. That same week, an article in the paper said that Arthritis Foundation sought participants to run a marathon as a fundraiser: The Dublin City Marathon on 10/28/02. I knew I had to do it...

In October 2004, I ran my 5th marathon and qualified to run Boston. But even more impressive is that I finally got around to running some 5K races!!!

Other Marathons included Anchorage AK, New York NY, Paris, Big Sur and Marine Corps. Half-marathons: I've run the PDR, Caesar Rodney and RNR Virginia Beach.
Visit my Marathon Man website for so much more info that you'll be tired of me. I joined the PCVRC Half-Marathon Training Group since Delcastle Park is just steps from my house. Search for races to run in USA - a directory website I created.





Me, with my girlfriends:
With my girlfriends




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