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Rebel Ramblings:  Runners Can Write

Enjoy some writings by members of our group.




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2004 DE Marathon Relay team
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Rebel Writings

Marathon       by Tony BBQ

When the gun sounds, it time to go
The first few miles will be slow

By the fifth, I'll be on pace
A qualification time is the goal for this race

After the tenth I will say
"only three more 'till the halfway"

Through the half and still felling great
Don't forget to rehydrate

At mile fifteen their is still far to go
in an event where every finisher is a hero

Digging deep and gutting it out
Twenty six point two is what it is all about

Passing the 20 mile barrier with 10k to go
Accepting pain is part of this show

Running a tightrope of discomfort to run my best
Must cross the finish line before I can rest

Finishing first is not a must
Because it is what we love that defines us


To the Rebels:       from Misty (10/07)

I just finished reading an article in Runners World about a former U of D runner and he had some great comments. He wasn't as fast as the other runners but still felt a camaraderie that he had never experience before. He states even though he was out of his league, they all shared a genuine love for running. That made him belong.

I feel this is what the Rebels is all about , it doesn't matter if you are fast, slow, whatever.... it is about the journey and run together as friends! And of course the food and drinks after!

He states:
"Doing it is good enough in running; it's truly not whether you win or lose but how you play the game. Not once did I consider myself varsity-worthy as a Blue Hen. But I did feel like as if I belonged."

I don't always feel like I belong in running because I am a very average runner, but that is why the Rebels are awesome because all YOU do make me feel like I belong!!! Thanks for all of the support and encouragement and you will all be with me in NY on Sunday!

Go Rebels - from Sam (April, 2005)
Hallo rebels how are y’all doing? As it’s my God given obligation which I happily carry out for the sake of mankind…. Ahaha! Once again I give them strong and courageous rebels the Kenyan Blessings…. Harambeee! Go Rebels! Kill them miles just like we do at the bagel run! I will now compose a song which the general should endorse as the official rebel song …
Ray Chris you sing in the choir so join me

Run Rebels Run
On the road to victory!
Run Rebels run
And conquer all new heights
Set new PRs and make us all proud ... (I lost the tune)
R – E – B – E – L – S

From Coach Dave:

I've changed the lyrics slightly to Sammy's inspiration for the Rebel song. It rhymes a little better. Use or reject as you wish:

Run, Rebels, Run
On the road to victory.
Run, Rebels, Run
Count those miles now, One, Two Three...
Set PRs, make us proud
Wave at kids in the crowd
Run, Rebels, Run
On the road to victory.

I leave you with this thought from a picture I took at the Boston Marathon. It is now the picture which comes up when I start my computer. A big banner in Framingham said: "Remember, running it is nowhere as painful as never having had the chance." I'm thankful not just at Boston, but every time I run.
Coach Dave, great uncle to the Rebel Runners

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